Under the Orpheum Theater -  129 Roosevelt Way, New Orleans, LA  70112 

Temporary Closure as of 12/30/20

In case you don't watch the news, we have some bad news (and this time, it's not our fault). ​Due to statewide mandates to mitigate Covid-19, all indoor bars must close for indoor service, including yours truly (AKA, us). 

That means, for the time being, no more snugs with call lights, 100-year-old curtains, fantastic cocktails, historic and modern touchpoints, etc., etc.

This isn't permanent (we're not breaking up with you for good) but it does mean we can't host you until some unknown date in the future. While we don't know how long the closure will last, we promise to keep you informed via our website and social media. (So help us out by following us on Instagram and Facebook at @doubledealernola.)

 We were so looking forward to seeing you. But let's agree to a rain check for another date soon, very soon. 

Celebrate a one-of-a-kind speakeasy
Set in the backstage setting of a 1920s vaudeville theater celebrating Dixie Bohemia

The Double Dealer takes its name from the 20th Century literary journal that published the likes of Hemingway and Faulkner. Born under the iconic and historic Orpheum Theater, which opened in 1921, the Double Dealer is a one-of-a-kind speakeasy set in the backstage of a 1920s vaudeville theater celebrating the Dixie Bohemia era.

Consistent with New Orleans’s most creative and vibrant era, we celebrate spontaneous, outlandish, and unforgettable experiences through a delicious blend of creative, era-driven cocktails and live entertainment. Our venue is home to the best musicians, fan dancers, sword swallowers, and magicians who call NOLA home.


Under The

Orpheum Theater


Creative Cocktails

Live Entertainment

Unforgettable Experiences

The Double Dealer features four distinct rooms, a variety of touchpoints, creative and era-driven cocktails, and live entertainment to provide patrons a distinct, unforgettable experience they can’t find anywhere else in New Orleans.

Not until we get rid of this Covid-19 thing...

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Under The Orpheum Theater

129 Roosevelt Way, New Orleans, LA  70112

Tel: 504. 300. 0212


Thursday, Friday, Saturday 6 PM - 11 PM

Closed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday


Closed December 24, 25, and 26





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